Hydrocarbon / Ethanol
Processing Equipment

Chat with us about your current system! We know you have him a goal in mind,
whether that is providing superior customization capabilities for your existing system or,
you are ready to design a new one from the ground up!

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Facility Design & Installation

We can help you from the ground up, planning your building by partnering with your architects,
contractors and state officials to ensure things are built right the first time for your local regulations.

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Profession ASME Certified &
Non Ceritfied Custom Fabrication

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Choosing the Right Cannabis and Hemp Extraction System for Your Business Makes a Difference!

Were here to help you make the best decision for your particular needs.

Choosing the right hemp and cannabis system will be easy to decide once you know what you want to achieve for your company's product. AMP Equipment offers three classes of extraction equipment: Process Filtration, Ethanol and Hydrocarbon. Custom-Built machines continue to be at the forefront, offering companies our engineering and manufacturing expertise exclusively for the cannabis and hemp industry.

Not sure which extraction method is best? Contact us today and we'll guide you through the process

As with any technology selection, our consultants will get to know and understand your business objectives, current capability requirements, desired future goals and existing technology environment. We'll take you through additional factors that are more specific to each extraction system, ensuring the right match and outcome.

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