To create the best product, you need high-quality filtration technology. Depending on the product you need to produce, you may want to remove pigments, waxes, lipids, pesticides or other impurities from your product during manufacturing.

As we have been developing filtration equipment for years we’ve created a line of Filter solutions that can be installed as is or modified to accommodate your existing equipment.

All of our filtration equipment is made from high-quality stainless steel, fabricated right here in the United States. All filtration skids are built to scale from low to high volumes.

Filtration Equipment

Ethanol Extraction

We build Ethanol extraction skids that are modular and designed for extreme flexibility. Processing up to 2400 pounds a day per machine/operator.

Ethanol extraction is the quickest and most efficient method to produce crude oil. Utilizing cold polar ethanol the lipid content is minimized saving countless hours of labor that would be spent winterizing and filtering like you will find with other extraction systems.

Ethanol Equipment

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbon is mainly directed towards what we like to call boutique extractions. Due to the low boiling point of hydrocarbons, terpene retention is higher than any other solvent commonly used. Your highest quality material should not be wasted with any other extraction method.

Hydrocarbon Equipment

Custom-built Equipment 

Custom built equipment in the cannabis and hemp industry has been our exclusive business focus for the past decade. As we have grown over the years, designing, developing and perfecting our methods, we’ve been able to scale and standardize on many of the proven processes we’ve created to extract and filter botanical products.

With our fast growing industry, your business needs to reflect the ever-changing demands of your customers. That may mean aspects of your current standard production equipment are no longer relevant and may need modifications to keep up with today’s processing techniques, that’s where American Material Processing Equipment comes in.

Companies of all sizes come to us for forward thinking solutions because of our history of delivering state of the art equipment. Our experience and expertise in the cannabis industry allows us to answer any and all of your challenges in which you need assistance from concept design to modification of your current system.

We can help you with:

Concept Design / Development  / Manufacturing / Assembly / Installation / Staff Training

All AMP equipment can be peer reviewed and built ASME certified.

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